Product Information(Nature Series)

Just the way it is

It is said that the term “菓子 KASHI” (confectionery) was referred to as “果子KASHI” (fruit or nuts) in the past. We are making confectioneries with a whole fruit in season. Our representative “Natural Series” products are made so the appearance, shape and flavor of the fruit can be enjoyed as it is.

  • HANAOTO A whole cherry in jelly From late February to early May
  • MOMOWAKAHIME Young green peach covered with white peach flavored bean paste and soft rice cake. From mid-February to early May
  • RIKU NO HOJU Muscat of Alexandria grape covered with soft rice cake. From early May to mid-September
  • TOSENKA Juicy whole white peach covered with peach jelly. From early May to early August
  • SUIKANSHUKU The rich taste of amber dried persimmon filled with sweet white bean paste. From early September to late March
  • GOZENGURI A chestnut covered with chestnuts flavored white bean paste and soft rice cake with chestnuts sprinkles. From late September to late December